Friday, March 12, 2010

Corporate espionage

My friend just told me about her problems at work. There was this nosy parker who intrudes them during break time. Going to work at a saturday is bad enough as it is. Gin-san always says that working with a company is like living in a jungle. There are many people willing to back-stab you to help themselves to get to a higher place in the "food chain". I guess Gin-san knows what he's talking about since he is a jack-of-all-trades. Well people like that are what we call a madao. (ma)rude (da)me (o)ssan- useless old person or (ma)jide (da)ssai (o)yaji- uncool type old person. It is easy to suggest that adults tend to underestimate and undermined younger people's ability and judgement therefore treat them as such. Well, my friends may have just been to unlucky to get stuck with such a person. as a word of caution, madao tends to stick on their victims so be wary of your own actions as you have now attracted thei attention on to yourself. Expect them to be watching your every move.

On to a lighter subject, I still can't play Kingdon Hearts : Birth by Sleep. Guess I shuld wait a little longer for it to work. And can't wait for FF agito Xiii. Wished that Gin-san didnt chase me away from his office/hangout/home. I'll talk to him tomorrow.

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