Monday, April 19, 2010

History repeats again.

Woohooo first day of school. So excited for it to start but I'm also nervous as its my first day. The first worrying thing that come to mind is where do I go for my lessons. The school is far monumental than my secondary school. Luckily my classmates were gathered at the Mushroom together. Reminded me of morning assembly though. Our class chairperson, Yu Ting, had to dampen the mood by demanding for cash to pay for books. Seriously! can't you wait to collect it till later? After she collected the money from us, we proceeded to the Eng block to collect our tool kits. Then we went straight to class.

The first lesson to me was way too similar to my Bio laboratory lessons at secondary school so it was an OK lesson. Not too boring but not too exciting either. It was my cup of tea. We did experiments on the movement of molecules through a partially permeable membrane. After the experiment, it was lecture time.

Lecture was the usual stuff. Can't complain though. It was just an intro of the syllabus.

After that was another lecture. CKT this time. Nothing much to say on this one either.

We then proceeded on to lunch. Most of the class ate together at Mensa 1. Quite an enjoyable experience.

The next lesson was Emath. I've gotta tell you that the lecturer for Emath was maybe even worse than Mdm Teng. So I didn't even realise that I was already in the next lesson, watching time ticking by.

Eventually though school for most of us ended.......

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